About Us

About Education Growth Network (EGN)

Education Growth Network (EGN) is a community of Educators and Solution Providers. It is bridging the gap between the industry stakeholders by empowering them.

EGN creates opportunities for educators to support educators by sharing training, advice, best practices, and collaborations.

There are Industry suppliers listed at the EGN which are providing solutions for all levels of education, starting from a Montessori to a research level of institution. There is an everyday rise in the searches by educators in different categories.

EGN is bringing all the suppliers under one roof and opening multiple options for our educators to adopt from the best solutions for their institution.

EGN is strengthening our solution providers by expanding their reach beyond India in the global education arena.

EGN also recognise the good work of our educators and felicitate their efforts for bringing the best education practices in the industry.

EGN is bringing the education industry together and creating a world without borders!

Why Choose Us

  • One-Stop Sourcing Platform

    EGN India provides verified and filtered education leads.
    It offers a one-stop sourcing platform for hundreds of products.
    Products are available in over 30+ different categories.
    The aim is to help educators adopt the best solutions.

  • Increase Visibility & Networking Opportunities

    EGN India has a large online community of engaged users.
    This increases visibility for educators and solution providers.
    EGN India hosts exclusive events for industry stakeholders.
    These events facilitate communication and collaboration.
    The events create valuable networking opportunities.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    EGN India uses technology to connect education suppliers and buyers.
    It eliminates obstacles in sourcing solutions from anywhere.
    Educational institutions can access top-quality resources easily.
    Geographical location is not a barrier for educators to find solutions.

  • Recognition & Celebration of Exceptional Work

    EGN India recognizes exceptional work by educators.
    It honors their efforts in bringing the best education practices.
    This recognition serves to motivate educators.
    It highlights best practices for other educators to learn from.
    The goal is to implement these practices in their own institutions


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